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Today, North Carolina is growing faster than any other state in the nation. Is it because we were the first in flight? Because Pepsi-Cola began here? Krispy Kreme? NASCAR? Bojangles? College basketball?

Our history, our culture, and what we have built together is a testament to one thing — we do historic things and we do it big.

We haven’t just transformed as a state, we have set the standard across the United States for over 230 years, and this year — this year is a little different, but we are going to lead the charge again.

We’re going to stand up to Trump’s radical policies, we are going to reject those who are pushing them, and we’re going to put all of our effort into pushing North Carolina forward as a state.

Here, we can stop President Trump’s disastrous agenda, and hold those who perpetuate it accountable. Together, we can be on the right side of history.

It begins now. Join us.

Our Principles


Respect organization, institutions, and individuals already active in communities.

Train and Empower

Train and empower organizers, volunteers and activists to organize in their communities.


Include all who share a progressive agenda and our electoral goals.


Organizing Together North Carolina is a community based, volunteer-driven, organizing campaign designed to get operational in 2020 earlier than ever. We are built as a coalition; bringing together organizations, groups and individuals who share the common goal of defeating Donald Trump and his agenda.

Together, we will build up an infrastructure and lasting, impactful teams needed not only to take on Trump’s policies but for the future of North Carolina.

Our Co-Chairs

Chaz Beasley

State Representative

Terry Van Duyn

State Senator

Bob Etheridge

Former Congressman

Kendra Johnson

Executive Director, Equality NC

Pat McCoy

Executive Director, Action NC

Dr. Rev. T Anthony Spearman

President, NC NAACP

We need you on our team.

We need all hands on deck to defeat Donald Trump's agenda, and that starts with folks like you. Apply to join our team today!

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