Voter Registration FAQ

Online Voter Registration Guide

Organizing Together 2020 is partnering with Register2Vote to leverage their groundbreaking online voter registration technology. With our new online voter registration tool you’ll be able to check your voter registration status or register to vote in a matter of minutes. Check your registration today, register or update your registration, then share with 3 friends so they can check their registration, too!

Registration Process – Online

If you need to update your registration, or register to vote, fill out our voter registration form and we will directly link to your State’s Online Registration website to complete your registration. Just click on “Open State Website” after confirming your state of residence.

Registration Process – Mail

If you prefer to complete your registration through the mail, fill out our registration form and you will be presented with two options: “Open State Website” or “Continue Registration”. Select “Continue Registration” and you will be mailed a form. We will mail you a voter registration form pre-filled with your information and a prepaid, addressed envelope. Simply sign the registration form if all the information is accurate and put it back in the mail. In some cases, you may need to include additional documents that we’ll alert you to.

How long does it take to receive my application if I choose mail?

Envelopes with pre-filled registration forms will be sent within 4 weeks of your submission, and within 1 week during the final month before the deadlines. The process is free for you, and we even cover your return postage!

Is my information secure and safe?

Your information will be handled securely, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. When we send you your information, if you select the mail option, it will be in a security envelope sent via tracked USPS mail. We will track your envelope to ensure that it arrives safely from us to you, and from you to your County.

You’re already registered to vote. What next?

Get involved with us and help register more voters in your state! Sign up here!

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